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Legacies matter in American politics.  The American voter loves them: Adams, Kennedy. Even Bush.  But perhaps even more interesting is the rare case of American political legacies behind the scenes.

Mia Phifer, a national Democratic fundraising and general consultant, represents what is perhaps the only American Democratic fundraising legacy - a second-generation fundraiser for candidates.  An Illinois native and long-time Chicago resident (specifically the Streeterville neighborhood, if you ask her), Mia is the daughter of former Democratic fundraiser Scherrie Giamanco, and has been raising money, and working with campaigns, in her own right for nearly two decades.

While there are other fundraising consultants who have followed a similar career trajectory as Mia, hers is the only firm in the country to specialize in progressive female and first time candidates and in the early recruitment and training frequently lacking in those candidates. 

Additionally, while there are a dozen Washington, D. C. based political fundraising firms, Mias's  is the only one in the country to offer smaller price point packages that allow teachers, soccer moms and small business owners to get both the top-shelf support and expertise they need, and build a viable campaign quickly that has the resources necessary to win.

And Mia's candidates raise money, and win.

In 1999, after working with EMILY's List on an event for Congresswoman Nita Lowey in NY raising over $1 million, Mia went to Texas to serve as the Finance Director for Congresswoman Scheila Jackson Lee.  In 2000, Mia as the finance director for the open 10th Congressional District working closely with the DCCC, Emily's List, JAC PAC and other national organizations, PAC's and donors raising over $2.3 million.  Mia has gone on to raise millions, specifically for candidates, most often first-time candidates, who fall outside the big-donor, big-PAC spotlight, and it's why so many first time seek her out each year.  Mia does what other fundraising consultants say isn't possible.

Mia Phifer & Associates' training packages set them apart from other firms, and Mia has personally provided candidate trainings for the Berkely Campaign School, IVI-IPO, DL21C Candidate's Training, Personal PAC and the DuPage County Democrats as well as organizing and ongoing Chicago Candidates training that began in December of 2008 with National Consultants from across the country presenting.

Mia believes in investing in candidate training up front results in a higher success rate for those candidates.  That in-depth training also helps campaigns that were previously struggling double their campaign income in short periods of time.  Mia also plans and produces Chicago-based fundraising events for national elected officials and candidates who justifiably feel the need to fly in for some Chicago pizza.

From her hometown in southern Illinois to heading up races in Ohio, Texas, New York, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico and crisscrossing the country, Mia has done fundraising and general consulting for candidates running for city council, aldermen, county commissions, water authorities, state houses, state senators, mayors, Congress and U. S. Senate.

While Mia was born into a political family, volunteered for dozens of political campaigns during her childhood and as a teenager, and has owned her own political consulting and fundraising for for over 17 years, she also works with non-profit groups, most notably the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation.  Found and real-life hero Paul Rusesabagina's personal story was told in the movie Hotel Rwanda.  Recently, Mia has been working with The Civil Rights Agenda based in Chicago.

On the rare occasions when she is not working for a new congressional candidate, or finishing up a training package for a statewide campaign team, hiring a top notch campaign team for one of her clients, Mia can be found hosting parties for her friends, or beating up on unsuspecting patrons in her neighborhood pub's trivia contests.



 Examples of Mia Phifer’s Professional Experience

      .         Brian Hopkins for Chicago, 2nd Ward Alderman

      .         Anne Shaw for Committeeman, 1st Ward

      .         Jill Zimon for State Representative, OH-12

      .         Linda J Pauel for Judge

      .         Friends of Blake Seryce, Cook County Board, 1st District

      .         Congresswoman Gwen Moore, WI-4

      .         Angela Zimmerman for Congress, OH-5

      .         Anthony Beale for State Senate, IL - 2

      .         State Representative Rob Martwick, IL-19

      .         The Civil Rights Agenda

·         Congresswoman Gwen Moore, WI-4

·         Porter McNeil for State Rep IL-71

·         Scott Harper for Congress, IL-13

·         Commissioner Mariyana Spyropoulos for Water Rec

·         Dave Schroeder for State Rep

·         Alex duBuclet for Congress

·         Congressman Nick Lampson, TX

·         Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation         

·         Illinois State Representative Greg Harris

·         Jotham Stein for Congress, IL

·         Sandi Jackson for Alderman

·         John Sullivan for Congress, IL

·         Lisa Madigan for Attorney General

·         Manny Flores for Alderman

·         Carol Moseley Braun for President

·         Environmental Law & Policy Center - 10th Anniversary Event

·         Personal PAC - Director of Development & Major Gifts

·         Lauren Beth Gash for Congress/10th Victory Fund - Finance Director

·         Sheila Jackson Lee for Congress - Finance Director

·         Nita Lowey for Congress/First Lady Hillary Clinton – Fundraiser

·         Rick Verticchio for Congress - Finance Director & Women's Issues

·         John Schmidt for Governor - Downstate Field Coordinator


Professional training programs where Mia Phifer has led fundraising trainings
& organized national staff & candidate training’s

·         Fundraising in 2011: New laws, new technology, new strategies

·         Personal PAC Candidate's Training

·         Mia Phifer & Associates Candidates Training

·         Berkely Campaign School, IVI-IPO, DuPage County Democrats –

·         IVI-IPO Candidate's Training

·         DL21C Candidate's Training

·         DuPage County Democrats Trainings - multiple

Related Volunteer Experience

·         Susana Mendoza for Chicago City Clerk    

·         Alexi for Illinois Exploratory Committee - US Senate

·         Citizens for Reilly/Alderman Brendan Reilly, Chicago - Finance Committee

·         42nd Ward Democratic Committee

·         Rape Victim Advocates - Board Member and Chair of Development Committee

·         John Kerry for President co-chair Bill Clinton event - Kerry Core Level

·         John Kerry for President, Kerry Core event - Co-Chair and lead organizer $100,000

·         Lisa Madigan for Attorney General, primary - Volunteer Advisor

·         Young Chicago Lakefront - Founding Advisory Board Member

·         Illinois Coordinated Campaign - Woman's Advisory Board, Chicago, IL

·         Illinois NOW


·         Bachelor of Arts - University of Illinois at Springfield

·         Associate of Arts - Rend Lake College

·         Illinois State University, Normal, IL





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